Journey to Bethel

Mark 16:15-18 Go out into the world and share the good news with all of creation. Anyone who believes this good news and is ceremonially washed will be rescued, but anyone who does not believe it will be condemned. And these signs will follow those who believe: they will be able to cast out demons in My name, speak with new tongues, take up serpents, drink poison without being harmed, and lay their hands on the sick to heal them

As I fill out the application for my passport, I realize this has been a long time coming. Two years to be exact. Maybe more. I just wasn’t aware of it. But God works in mysterious ways. We may not know or understand the plans He has for us, but He will always have our best interests at heart. 
This is something I have come to learn the past month. I have procrastinated for so many years, and came up with every viable excuse possible not to go to Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, because reality was staring me straight in the face. I saw what was taking place in the natural. And that kept me from pursuing my calling and destiny in Christ…but then things changed.

Two weeks ago to be exact. In the beginning of the year, I was planning on going to Brazil to a Harvest School under Iris Global (Heidi Baker). Two months before the scheduled date to leave, everything fell through. No finances. Home affairs was giving me trouble and it was just one big disaster.

God came through for me, opening up other doors, but in a way I still wondered if this was it? What happened to all my dreams of going to Bethel? What was happening to my future? For the past two years, the plan was always to go to Redding, California the year after I had finished school. The year 2017. I heard God call me to Redding, and I wanted to answer, but the natural kept butting in with the Supernatural. Things looked bleak. And the excuses began. As an author, I can be quite creative and expressive with my excuses. Not something to brag about.

With finances at it’s lowest point, and myself standing all alone, feeling as if I had no one to turn to, I realized that in the end I had nothing but God to rely on. I lost a lot of things. Jobs. Friends. Support. And I gained so much more. I had no more excuses. No more back up plans. There was no more plan B, incase plan A failed. This time my trust was placed fully on God. 

I heard him say to me in my spirit, “You have tried doing all of this on your own and it didn’t work out. Are you willing to rely completely on me and see things come into fullfilment?”

Jesus became my Plan A, and this time Plan A didn’t fail, for God has never failed me once.

I don’t think I realized what placing all my trust, my faith, my life, my everything in the hands of the Father fully meant. I might have had an idea. I knew it wouldn’t be easy. Stepping out of your comfort zone is never easy. But then God rocked my world to it’s very core.

A week later, God told me to stop my procrastination and excuses. And to go to Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry this year. In 2017. Five months away. 

You can imagine my utter surprise and excitement followed by protest and excuses. My parents were just getting by after their business shut down a year ago, and they had to start from scratch. I was currently unemployed. Going to Bethel, it seemed nearly impossible.

His everlasting love silenced my doubts. My God is a God that makes the impossible become possible. My God is a God who provides for our needs above and beyond. My God is a God of Love and provision.

  •  He spoke to me on the Monday, 3rd of April, saying I need to trust in Him and go to Redding, California. I created this blog on the same day. 
  • I met the Bethel outreach team on Tuesday. This silenced the voice of the devil, whispering doubts in my ear. Questioning me what on earth was I doing. Cause for the first two days, I was pretty sure I was losing it.
  • Wednesday my application for Bethel and accommodation in Redding was submitted. 
  • Thursday my application for my passport was submitted. 
  • And Friday the Crowdfunding page was created. 
  • Sunday, I saw the Bethel team again. They prayed life into our finances and we started decreeing and declaring that I will be in America in August 2017.

This happened in a span of a week, and I’m still trying to come to terms with everything that is taking place in my life. All I know is, if it matters to me, it matters to God. And if He called me to go to Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, the funds will follow. Because GOD ALWAYS PROVIDES.

Love and Blessings

Milanie xx


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