Journey to Bethel Part 2

Revivalist – A believer who is focused and passionate, willing to pay any price to live in community, purity and power because they are loved by God, whose manifest presence transforms lives and cultures.

My name is Milanie Cronje, professionally known as Milanie Grae. I’m an 18 year South African currently living in Cape Town. I’m a writer and photographer. I have a passion for traveling and experiencing as many things as I can while spreading the message of unconditional love to anyone who is willing to receive it. I have a deep desire to see generational, racial and denominational borders erased through the message of Love embodied by Jesus Christ and lived out in the context of community. 

As an artist, I love to test the limits of creativity and as a street evangelist, I’m committed to touch every life that comes across my way. Above any of my accomplishments, I am a lover of Jesus Christ. My dream is for people to be so overwhelmed with the Power and Love of the Father who’s heart is to have an intimate relationship with everyone.

I first heard God call me to ministry when I was thirteen and an atheist. Fast forward to March 2015, where I had a powerful encounter with Jesus Christ and gave my entire life to Him. Finally, I answered the calling on my life. At that time, I knew I had to go to Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. I just didn’t know how.

I serve a God that makes the impossible possible. And the Supernatural Natural. And I know for a fact, that if it matters to me, it matters to God. And if He has called me to go to Redding, California He will make a way.

Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry’s mission is to equip and deploy revivalists who passionately pursue world-wide transformation in their God-given spheres of influence. Students are trained to continue the ministry of Jesus and to just go out and show His love to the world.

Last year the lives of my family were shaken to it’s very core. My parents lost their business forcing them to start a new business from scratch. This event deeply affected us as a family. Although they are now owners of their own business for the past year, they are in no position to support this new venture in my life. And because they don’t have a solid income, student loans are out of the question. As someone who is fresh out of high school and new to the writing and photography industry, I can’t either. With the fact that I’ll be going to America on a student visa, it also makes it impossible for me to work there.

My entire life is a testimony in itself. From being born prematurely, being severly bullied throughout school, six years of chronic depression, numerous suicidal attempts, addiction, dealing with sexual harassment and sexual assualt, atheism, self harm, lying, cheating and stealing to having a miraculous encounter with God and completely giving my life to Christ at sixteen in March 2015, exactly 11 years after I first came to Christ. Then suffering with chronic dyspepsia for two years and being completely healed from it…when people ask me why I never shut up about Jesus all I can say is that if it wasn’t for Him, I would honestly be dead and not be standing here. He pursued me even when I turned my back on Him countless times. I can’t help but have my life declare His powerful saving love and grace. I Am because He Is.

If you feel led to partner with me financally, you’re welcome to contribute to my fundraiser for Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry
either via the crowdfunder which will be activated on the 13th of April. Or my Trust account 

Acc name: Kriecron Trust

Acc numb: 62591599025

Branch: First National Bank

Branch code: 200111

SWIFT CODE: Moorreesburg


Love and Blessings

Milanie xx


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