So I have a confession to make. More to myself than anything else. I’ve seen miracles happen. They’re no surprise to me. And my past speaks of itself how God saves and how God provides. Sometimes the Natural can run away with your mind, and distract you from the Supernatural. As was the case of late.

I guess you never really realize it, until someone calls you out on it. Instead of focusing on God, you focus on ways to accomplish something by your self. Instead of diving into the Word, you think of things that can go wrong. 

My past has never been something I was ashamed of talking about. Until now. Why? Cause it hits close to home. When you tell your testimony to strangers, it’s different from telling people you know really welll. They were there, yet they never truly saw what was happening. Suddenly they see you in a new light. No one wants that. But I suppose, that’s what true freedom really is. Telling it as it is, with no shame. Not placing tags on yourself. Someone once said, your past doesn’t define you. And those words hold truth.

Freedom. From yourself. From your past. And from trying to do things on your own.

The same way your past shouldn’t influence your future, you also shouldn’t get distracted and start relying more on the Natural than on God. Something I’ve been doing. 

This alone is a confirmation on a post I recently read by Joel Osteen which said this,

“We serve a supernatural God. He can give water without rain, light without sun, and promotion without people being for you. Have an abundant mentality. Live with this expectancy that something good is coming your way. If you’ll do this, God will pour out blessings that you cannot contain.”

We can’t limit God to our finances. This has been resonating with me for the past three months. Sometimes we put our calling and destiny on hold because our bank accounts say it’s impossible. At first we have this child like faith and excitement, then reality sets in and we go on a search for a backup plan instead of relying fully on God to come through for us. If it matters to you, it matters to God. And if He called you to Go, He will make a way for it to happen. So here’s to placing all trust in God and not a bank account. Here’s to stop hiding yourself, labelling yourself with the things you’ve gone through and done, and just…step into freedom.

Love and Blessings

Milanie xx


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