Speak Life

Death is a reality. We can’t deny it. I’ve lost dogs and hamsters one after another. And I’ve lost people who were very close to my heart. In the past couple of months, I’ve lost both an uncle and a friend. A grandparent is busy dying and another recently wanted to as well.

It crushed me to a million pieces because, the fact of the matter is they’re gone. They didn’t conquer death. If they conquered death, they’d still be alive. Death conquered them. And it hurts, dude. It really hurts. And it upsets me. It upsets me to see children begging on the streets for their parents while those parents drink all the money away. It upsets me when I see people suffering. It’s not a nice feeling to see someone die. I’ve prayed for people and nothing happened. They look at you with such desperation and expectancy. And nothing happens. And I don’t understand it. I don’t understand why people are still in pain, or dying. But it no reason for me to stop trusting God 100%.

What honestly breaks my heart is that when people don’t receive their miracle, immediately they lose faith and turn to other things. Like telling their friends how disappointed they are in God. Or how they just knew this would happen. “I knew it” and “I was right” become their favourite statements.

Christ died on the cross and took upon himself ALL SIN AND SICKNESS. Not some. ALL. The price has been paid. It’s the manifestation that has to take place now. The moment negative words come out  of your mouth, you shoot down your healing. You postpone your miracle. Because your words hold more power than you’ll ever know. There is power in the tongue.

What saddens me, is seeing how the church has embraced death as the gateway into heaven. Like a promotion of some sort. Most people believe in healing, and if you don’t I’ll be praying for you to get an earth shaking miracle in your life. We ask pastors to pray for us. We are in need of healing. We declare, By HIS stripes, I am Healed.  “You will lay hands on the sick and they will recover.

In Mark 12:24 it reads;  Whatever you pray for or ask from God, believe that you will receive it and you will.

Luke 11: 9 says something very interesting. It reads; Keep on asking and you will receive. Keep on seeking and you will find.

Not give up after a while, and start speaking negatively. I know it’s difficult. But rather hold your tongue than shoot down your own blessing. Don’t miss the chance, the chance of receiving such a blessing from God.

Jesus healed everyone who came near him. And God lives in us, so that whoever we pray for, He will heal through us. 

Acts 3: 12 – Why are you staring at my friend and me as though we did this miracle through our own power or made this fellow walk by our own holiness? We didn’t do this- God did!

Acts:3:16 – …We have faith in the name of Jesus, and He is that power that made this man strong, this man who is known to all of you. It is faith in Jesus that has given this man his complete health here today, in front of all of you.

Here’s the thing. We don’t stop praying for the sick or declaring healing just because people are still getting sick. We don’t stop speaking life just because people are still dying. We don’t stop speaking prosperity just because people are homeless, or starving or suffering. 

Our words and belief don’t change to adapt to our circumstances, our circumstances much change annd adapt to be conformed to our words. We’re like rocks by the ocean, being hit by the powerful waves. With each hit, it may hurt. But rocks never conform to the power of the waves. The waves must conform to the rocks. Whether the waves like it or not. 

We speak what we believe and we believe the WORD. Not reason around it to fit our doctrines. Not doctor’s reports. Yea, when a doctor says you have cancer, that is the facts. But you don’t have to accept it. Because it’s only facts. Not what God says. Truth override the facts. 

Mark 4:24 “…be careful what you are HEARING; the same measure you use (what you are hearing) it shall be measured back unto you; and unto you who HEAR more shall be given”.
That’s why, even though I’m living in a world full of violence, and death and destruction, I want to hear LIFE. I want to hear BLESSINGS. PROSPERITY. HEALING. JOY. PEACE.  

We can’t give up. Guys, listen to me. We can’t give up on this thing. We can’t give up on God, cause He will never give up on us. We need to keep preaching LIFE, and we need to keep believing in it, UNTIL the hold of the ENEMY (Not God. He’s not the cause of sickness, suffering and Death. He’s not trying to test you or punish you. The Enemy is Satan. And he will go out of his way to try and destroy you.) is placed under our feet.

THE ENEMY IS NOT MY FRIEND. And Poverty, suffering, Sickness and Lack aren’t either. Death is not my friend, I may know it well, but it is not my friend.

I will continue speaking blessings, healing and  prosperity because of the promises given to us by God and as it is written in His Word. I want to hear HIS WORD. Not opinion. I only want to hear HIS Voice. 

(With Inspiration from Prophet Willie Delport and Prophet Pieter van Wyk)

Love and Blessings

Milanie xx


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