Lately, I’ve been living out of a suitcase, instead of going in and out of doctors offices. I’ve been swimming in oceans instead of visiting hospitals. I’ve been able to eat food, instead of taking medication every day just so I can keep my food in.

When I first became sick, in 2015, the doctors said they can’t help me. There was no cure or diagnosis. They didn’t know what exactly was wrong with me. And they didn’t know how to fix it. I stopped counting how many doctor’s I’ve seen. Or how many pills I had to take each day. I stopped counting all the nights I woke up screaming in pain. The amounts of times I woke up with my face covered in tears. Or the times, I went days without food because I couldn’t keep anything in. I stopped counting because, if I had to count it would nearly be around 550 days of intense pain and being sick. 

The more tests they did, the less answers they had for me. And the more my irritation grew.

We resulted to praying for my healing. I have always believed in healing. I’ve prayed for people and seen God heal them, from things far worse than my condition, so I new a miracle could take place. We prayed and I got healed in February 2016.

June 2016, it came back. And it was worse than ever. I walked less. The pain was worse when I was walking. I got light headed often. My head was screaming. Panic attacks followed. I saw my ceiling more than I saw the sun. The doctors told me to live with it. I said some other things.

I was sick on my seventeeth and eighteenth birthday. My best friend held back my hair while I emptied my insides on my 17th. How memorable.

Some people questioned my faith. How can I still believe in healing when it’s back. Jesus died on the cross. And he overcame all sickness, suffering and death. There have been times where I was convinced I was dying. Sounds overdramatic, but that’s how it felt. As if all your organs were shutting down, and trying to suffocate you.

But Jesus overcame it all on the cross. I do not believe Jesus died for nothing. The fact  is, when you pray things happen! The fact of the matter is, healing has already taken place. It is the manifestation of that healing that needs to happen. This thing is real, and it’s happening. I’ve seen people raised from the dead and I’ve seen people stand up from wheelchairs. I don’t question the Power of God, because I’ve seen it happen work miraculous things.

I’m not afraid to say, that at the beginning I questioned God a lot. But my faith has grown immensely. This was an attack from the devil, but he was not gonna win. God has given me the authority to take on all weapons formed against me and that they won’t prosper. This included sickness. It was not going to touch me ever again.

So why did it come back? I don’t know. I don’t ask those type of questions anymore. I just stand in my faith and I don’t accept the doctor’s results. I know they’re doing their job. I respect them for that. Please understand, Doctors are not Second Class Healing. That’s something Paul Manwaring once said. God created Doctors for a purpose. But just because they give you facts, doesn’t mean you need to accept it and make it your truth. The truth always overrides the facts. 

That’s why when I take my medication (I may believe in complete healing but God also gave us knowledge and wisdom to take our medication) in the morning, I speak life into my body. 

With it being Easter and everything, it’s just a confirmation on that promise that “It is Finished!”

No more pain. No more sickness. No more death. No more poverty

Love and Blessings



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