Beauty wrapped in light

She is beauty wrapped in light. Stitched together with kindness and compassion. Her skin is electric, burning with the love of the Father. There is fire in her eyes, and wind dances amongst her hair. She is beautiful, so beautiful, because she knows she is loved. 
Her laugh is radient, awakening souls. Her smile is vibrant, people stop and stare for a while. She is brave, resilient and magnificent.

When she opens her mouth, people come for miles to hear her speak. The world doesn’t understand and calls her a freak. The Father smiles and says this,

“I am proud of you, my daughter. My love. I will surround you and consume you with everlasting Peace. Keep your face turned towards Me. And I will make the nations yours.  Struggles may arise and the storms will come. All authority has been given to you and the waves will disappear when you begin to speak. Enemies will scatter to the North and South, every time you open your mouth.”

A mountain shaker. History maker. You carry the power of God within you, and wherever your foot treads, it is yours. 


This is a Prophetic Word I got for one of the Bethel First Year Students and felt I had to share it because here’s the thing about Prophetic Word. It’s available for everyone to take and make their own. Just because it’s spoken over someone, doesn’t mean you can’t have it as well. 

Love and Blessings

Milanie xx


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