The moment I saw the email, a scream of excitement left me. My family thought there was a bug in my room. I only scream when there are bugs in my room. I’m really scared of bugs. But this time, it wasn’t fear. It was pure joy. I have been accepted to Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry! 
So, let me paint a picture of where I’m coming from and how God’s Love and Provision can shake your entire world. My past isn’t a nice one. Anything except nice. But it’s also my greatest testimony. I went through things and did things, I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I dropped out of high school to pursue my passions which was frowned on by most. And that label of inadequacy had stayed with me for a very long time. But God pulled me out of all of that, and gave me a new life and a new identity in Him. God forgave me for everything. 

“And forgiveness in effect changes the past. God’s journal records our life from the perspective of His forgiveness and our faith. His book of Remembrance doesn’t contain our history of sin and stupidity.” – Kris Vallotton

“When God views a believer’s history like that, who are we to do otherwise? The blood actually changes our history into His story. Some years ago I heard a Prophetic Word that really touched my heart. In it God spoke saying, I will not remove the scars from your life. Instead I will rearrange them in such a way that they have the appearance of carving on a fine piece of Crystal. Such is the love of God. What was despised becomes a testimony of God’s grace – a thing of beauty.” – Kris Vallotton

When He first told me I was going into ministry, I thought it was a joke. I was the least suitable, least qualified person ever. I was completely broken and He wanted me to reach out to the broken. But through the years, I have become restored and healed. I have taken up a new identity. One that says I am accepted and qualified. He went further to start showing me a specific place, and gave me specific name where I would be based one day. I sat with my Bible and a Map, and asked Him where He wants to place me. I got my answer. Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. 

Every area of your life can be used as a stepping stone towards your destiny in Christ. A process of building a strong foundation. A journey of drawing closer to the heart of the Father. 

My mum always likes to use this example about David when I get impatient about going to Brazil. She says that for many years, David was being prepared by God in secret. He had to grow, and learn, and build a relationship with His Creator. He had to wait for many years as the foundation was being built in his life, before he could become King. He was annointed at a young age, but it took time before he could step into his calling. 

I feel the same goes for me. Cape Town School of Supernatural Ministry has been this for me. And so will Bethel. When David was ready, God released him into Kingship. And the day I am ready, God will release me to the world.

Love and Blessings

Milanie xx


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