As most of you all probably know, on the 21st of April 2017, I was accepted to Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) and that I’ll be moving to California in August.

This move is huge for me and everyone around me. A couple of people have asked me the same questions over and over again, and instead of having to repeatmyself numerous times, I thought I’d do a FAQ to help all my friends and family understand what’s actually taking place in my life and make it very clear than no, I am not going to Hogwarts. (I’ve been asked this twice)

When did you get accepted?

April 21st, 2017. I made no secret about wanting to and going to attend Bethel because I knew God called me two years ago, to go this year. So I wanted to share it with everyone, whether they supported me or not. I had some issues with health that made me question whether I should apply, but everything has been overcome and I’m as healthy as can be.

When do you leave?

I’ll be in Redding on the 5th of August

When does school start and until when?
31st of August 2017 until 8th May, 2018

Will you be travelling by yourself?

Unfortuantely, yes. I’ll be doing everything by myself. Flying alone for the very first time. Navigating foreign airports. Getting to Redding then moving into my shared apartment. And familiarizing myself with Redding for the the next month. It’s quite daunting. The first time moving out of the house (Sort of, I’ve been living out of a suitcase for the past four months) and I’ll be moving to another continent. Scary.

When is your last Sunday at Kingdom Lifestyle Ministry?

30th July

When is your last Sunday at Journey of Grace?

23rd July

Will you be having a going away party?

Who knows. I’m not very good at emotional goobyes. Of course I’d love to catch up with as many people as possible before I go. Don’t have anything planned at the moment. Perhaps closer to the date.

Is Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry Hogwarts or like Hogwarts?

No. No it’s not. It’s better.

Will you be getting yourself a British, Brazilian or American husband?

No words…

Are you sure about moving to the States?

Yes. Yes I am.

How long will you be gone?

The main plan is three years, (Three years of school) and coming back to South Africa between May and July each year after graduation. But for now it’s only one year.
What will you be studying at BSSM?

I added a link to what I weill be studying and doing there.

Why BSSM? 

God told me to go two years ago and I’m just being obedient to His Voice.

What are your living arrangements?

I’ve been in contact with Revival Apartments, and Destiny Housing. Still waiting for a response.

How will you travel around when living there?

Walking, public transport, Uber and carpooling

Can you work in the States?

Nope. Without a greencard I won’t be able to work there.

If you marry an American you can get a greencard and work there?


What is the cost and can I help donate towards your future?

The final cost is $35K. It’s so high because of the exchange rate between South Africa and America. You can donate here if you’d like.

Acc name: Kriecron Trust

Acc numb: 62591599025

Branch: First National Bank

Branch code: 200111

SWIFT CODE: Moorreesburg


How else can I help?

Please just keep praying for me. I’ve been receiving intense attacks on my emotional state, with stress and anxiety piling up drastically. So all I can ask for is prayer. And lots of it.

Will you still be involved in writing and photography?

Definitely without a doubt. Since I can’t work, I’ll be focusing on this a lot, building experience and furthering my knowledge.

How can I stay connected with you while in the States?

Facebook – Milanie Grae

Whatsapp and phone calls

Skype – Milanie Cronje

Instagram – @milaniegrae / @sandcastlesandpaperplanes

Email –

Love and Blessings

Milanie xx


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