My love

My love,

When I was younger, I always thought marriage was something that held someone back. The end of a person’s liberty and freedom. I was always scared of marriage and the implications that I might be forced to settle down and live in a routine. I’m terrified of routine. But the thing is, since the moment I met you, we’ve never had a routine. It was an adventure.

Marrying you doesn’t mean we have stopped dating. We will always be dating. Marrying you is not the end of my liberty. It’s the beginning of it.

You’re the person I want to dive headfirst into life with. When I go out on weekends, it’s you I want by my side. When I’m planning another one of our million adventures, I want you holding the map with a small frown when you’re confused. But we know we’ll figure it out. We always have. When I speculate about the future, I want to see you in every crazy fantasy I plan for myself.  You’re the one I want to cuddle up and watch football with. You’re the only one I want to get tipsy with. And I want you to be the one who listens to my emotional rants. You are the one I want to dance around the house with in only our underwear. You’re the person who makes the whole world feel wide open to me and I want to take advantage of that. I want to plunge into the future with you, cause honestly it looks bigger and better by your side than I ever could’ve imagined.

I don’t want to settle down with you. I  want to take off with you. To far away countries, foreign landscapes, wherever God may take us. To gems and corners of the world that would only have looked half as amazing without you by my side. 
When I pray and minister to people, I want you right there by my side praying and ministering with me. And when God heals people, I want to see that smile on your face as we see the amazing works of God take place. And when I’m diving into the Word, I want you beside me as we both drink cups of tea because we’ve never been the biggest fans of coffee. 

When I strap on a backpack with a camera in my hands and head to the airport, I want you to be the one boarding that plane with me. You’re the person I want  to get lost with, set up camp with, go on sunset missions with, praise God with.
When I get home and have tale after ridiculous tale to recite to my friends of how Amazing God is, you’re the one I want there to add to the stories and details I may have left out. 

You’re the person I want to come home to and the person I want to escape with. I want you on every adventure I take for the rest of my life. I want to do everything on earth with you. 

I don’t want to be the person you always agree with. I want to be the person you challenge- to change, to grow, to expand in ways that wouldn’t have occurred to me before I met you. I want heated debates at 3am and make out sessions at 4. I want a love so strong and passionate because your fire fuels mine, and I never want that spark to die.
I choose you. I will choose you every single day, for as long as there’s air in my lungs, and I will keep choosing you and keep loving you no matter what life may throw our way, because God chose us and He loved us first.

Love and Blessings

Milanie xx


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