It’s in the waiting

I’m a fairly impatient person. There’s no shame in admitting it, because I know I am and I know it’s an area in my life I need to work on. In Ephesians it says Love is patient, and if we don’t have patience, we’re unable to demonstrate love to the world, because love isn’t impatient. It’s patient. And kind. 

Something I have come to learn is, God tends to work on a person’s heart during the waiting period. It’s during this time where you start to learn, you start to grow, you start to take form and become the person you’re meant to be so that when the waiting period is over, you can step up and step into what God has been preparing for you. 

Jacob had to wait 7 years for Rachel. But instead of getting Rachel, he got Leah. Then he has to wait even more to get her. And Rachel, she had to wait so many years, until she could be with him. And although the Bible only writes from Jacob’s perspective it says that though it was many years of hard work, it felt like only a couple of days because of his immense love for her. That’s quite beautiful. 

Adam had to wait for Eve. 

Moses had to wait for the time where God led him to free His people. Moses couldn’t just stand up and decide now’s the time. No, he had to wait on God’s voice. God was working on his heart, preparing him for the day that would come.

Hannah had to wait, before she had Samuel. 

David had to wait before he could become King. Although annointed young, he had to wait on God’s time. God helped him grow, through the battles of a bear, and a lion and Goliath, he was stepping up to be the man God wanted him to be. He could have taken over the throne immediately if he wanted to. Kill Saul and take to the throne. But he would have become king with a pauper mentality. God had to work on him first, changed his thinking and show him his identity in Him, before he could rule a nation.

We always think the destination is the most important. The country. The career. The mission. The relationship. But it’s during that build-up where the real change happens. It’s those minutes before a football match where the spectators are working themselves up, the commentators become excited, the players are warming up, it’s in those moments where the beauty takes place. Because that’s when you see the progress that has been made.

It’s in the waiting, that God hears you, and God speaks.

Love and Blessings

Milanie xx


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