Life update #2

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last life update. During these past couple of days, quite a lot has happened.

  • Firstly, I submitted my manuscript to a literary agency in New York while housesitting the first week of May. 
  • Then I applied for a passport and actually got it in a week. Which is crazy. That rarely happens. When I first got my I.D I waited for nearly 3 months.
  • My I-20 form has been mailed and will be here soon, making it possible for me to apply for my visa.
  • This morning at around 1am South African time, someone anonymously donated into my BSSM account, covering all outstanding costs for my deposit. When I first saw the notification, I broke down crying because it’s been something I’ve been praying and worrying over for a very long time.
  • My entire wall has become a vision board with scripture verses, prophecies and promises. It is now my focus wall.
  • I’m stuck without my mum for two weeks and it is pure hell. Can’t imagine not seeing her for 10 months.
  • I can officially say, I now know how to make lasagne. And speak a little bit of Portuguese without stammering.

    School Life?

    I recently had to submit a book report on the book When Heaven Invades Earth by Bill Johnson. Absolutely incredible book. One of my new favourites. Still hate book reports though. Outreaches are starting soon where we’ll start ministering in hospitals. Incredibly excited for this.

    Love life?

    What’s that?

    Testimonies of how God has been working in my life lately?

    • Firstly he made it possible for $435 to be paid towards my tuition by a complete stranger. Which is craazy amazing!
    • He’s been giving me a lot of peace concerning my move.
    • He gave me so many new friends from the states who I’ve come to love and adore so much.
    • He healed me miraculously when I woke up incredibly sick with severe stomach pain.

    How God has been showering His love and favour and Provision on Me has been overwhelming. At one point I wondered if I really deserved it. The question didn’t stay long. God loves me. And He finds pleasure in me. And He loves to show me that He does. God has been so good to me, and He always will be.

    I truly believe the same Father God who’s been blessing me so much, can bless you as well.

    Love and Blessings

    Milanie xx


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