A New Name

There’s quite a story behind my name that has slowly been revealed to me. Believe it or not, my name wasn’t always Milanie. 
The story begins before I was born, when God called me by my name Milanie. Things happened, there were certain misconceptions, minsunderstandings, and miscommunication and in the end I received a different name. Growing up, I always felt uncomfortable with the name I had gotten. It wasn’t my own. I knew it wasn’t. But I didn’t understand why not. I mean after all, it was the name I was born with. The name given to me by my parents. Why did it feel like I didn’t belong to it?

I despised the very essence when someone called me by that because I knew it wasn’t my own. It felt strange and distant. More like a label than a name. With not being able to fully own my name, I believe a lot of my identity problems rooted from it. Because I didn’t know who I was. And I didn’t know what my name was. 

Around four years ago, God restored my name to me. The one He bestowed on me before birth. 

He revealed it to me and finally I knew, this was my name. It has always been my name. He called me by my name. It placed new meaning on my life and that verse. I claimed it, took on the prophetic meaning, and my entire life changed.
My family didn’t receive this revelation well. They could never understand what was my problem with my name and why I was so uncomfortable with it. A lot of it had to do with fear and not fully understanding the power behind the name. They believed their was a certain dark meaning behind a version of the spelling of the name I took on, and they didn’t want that. It was after all, the first name choice before I was born. But then they decided against it, after seeing the meaning. But I was called to a different standard. A different version of that name. A different pronunciation. A different meaning. One that would call me into my full Destiny.

It was an argument that lasted for many years. I wanted to change my name legally. My family was completely against it. I carried immense guilt about God bestowing my original name on me. I felt like I was betraying my family. And hurting them. I had come to realize that they would need to receive the revelation on their own and nothing I can do or say would change the situation. God would need to work in their hearts.

And He did. 

I prayed about it often. That they would see the truth and what this actually means. While my mother was away for two weeks, God started revealing this revelation to her. My purpose and destiny and the power my name – the name God placed on my life- carried. The name that was originally meant for me, but in a course of events never given to me. 

While she was away, I wrote the post about my name meaning. When God gave me this name, it held immense power in it as well as a declaration over my life. The spelling isn’t very common, neither is the pronunciation, since it gets mistaken for “Melanie” or “Melany” often. But the meanings are world’s apart.

The name Milanie is from Hawaiian, Slavonic and Polynesian descent. It means “Gentle Carress; Grace; Favour. Bringer of Light. Treasured. Cherished.”

The two letters “Mi” in my name means – Honey overflowed and beautiful.

The second part of my name, “Lanie” and also my nickname, means – Sky, Heaven, Royal and Majesty.

When someone says my full name, they’re speaking Grace, Favour, Heaven and Royalty over my life. 

My family originally didn’t wanna give me this name, because there’s one similar to it that means “darkness.” They only knew about that version. Not the best meaning. But God worked in their hearts, and revealed the true revelation and His heart to them. 

She came back and like she always does, she reads all my posts. Tonight she comes to me and she shares with me what God has been saying concerning my name. That she now understands why I fought for my name and how it holds power and destiny in it. How it will influence my future and my dreams. And then she says the words I’ve been praying for, for so many years. She accepts it. And she approves of it. And I have her blessing to change my name legally. 

No words can describe the weight that was lifted off my shoulders. The guilt I’ve been carrying vanished. And the peace that just consumed me. Hearing her say that, was a prophetic declaration of my identity. For so long, I never changed it legally because I knew it would come out of a place of rebellion and it would hurt them too much. I decided to wait until the day God spoke to them and showed them the truth.

I wanted to cry. After she left, I did. Tears of joy. I had accepted who I am in Christ. And my name was accepted as well. And now, the people who meant the most to me saw my potential as well and accepted the call God placed on my life.

It’s not to say the rest of the family will understand this revelation. It doesn’t really matter to me. What matters is, God’s will has been established in the lives of my family. And I’m eternally greatful for it, because truly, this has brought us closer.

Love and Blessings

Milanie xx


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