Death of the unborn Part 1

Recently I wrote a post about abortion that God revealed to me. I tend to hear Him the clearest when I’m writing. What followed was quite a bit of backlash on various platforms. Those who know my heart supported it, others, others I could have mature discussions with why I thought what I did, but some, well it didn’t go down so well. It was a little overwhelming, so I took the post down although I knew I shouldn’t. There was a reason I wrote what I did.  So after prayer and careful consideration, I have decided to put it back up. This time, in a different light and more in depth. 

I’m not one for controversy. Or conflict. I prefer just loving people and taking authority over situations. I don’t know why God placed this on my heart. I wish He didn’t. But I know it needs to be said. It will be split up into three posts, to fully summarize where I’m coming from. 

Conviction is different for many people. Some people in the world find it okay to dress provocatively. Others know their their Identity in Christ, and have been convicted not to dress a certain way. Some find tattoos okay. Others don’t. Some think it’s okay to drink occasionally. Others don’t. It’s all personal convictions.

What is not okay is forcing your conviction on someone else who hasn’t had the same revelation yet. We can’t go around telling people what they should or shouldn’t be feeling. 

Humans tend to force their viewpoint on other’s in hopes to change their minds. But that’s not God’s way of doing things. He doesn’t force Himself onto anyone. He is the pure definition of love. So why? Why do we force our will on other people?

There was a girl I knew quite well. She slept around often, was labelled as a slut by various people, and smoked a lot of joints. People often told her how bad of a person she was. How much she was screwing up etc. I really loved that girl, cause I started seeing her the way God did and not for the things she was doing/saying. But something I noticed was this, her behaviour never changed, although she had a choice to, because people kept painting a picture of her and she focused on that. Her behaviour followed.

For many, things like this makes people uncomfortable. Allowing others to make choices for themselves concerning heavy situations. Like sex. Race. Abortion. It’s time to get out of our comfort zones. God didn’t create us to live in our comfort zones. He gave us the Holy Spirit – the Comfort – because He knew we would be uncomfortable in stepping out into the Supernatural Lifestyle of Christianity. And one of the main things the Supernatural Lifestyle demands is to love. 

Instead of transferring your own personal conviction on someone, try a different approach. I promise you’ll get further. Go love them. Show God’s love to them.  Start seeing them the way Christ does. Pray for them. Intercede for them. Take authority over the situation and declare freedom over the person’s life. Call out their greatness. Eventually they will receive freedom. How? They will start seeing their worth and identity in Christ and realize the love God has for them. When the heart and mind changes, so does the behaviour. 

They won’t magically realize it by people shoving down their throats how bad they are. No. If people constantly hear they’re a screw up, they will make that label their identity.

I didn’t stop self harming because someone told me cutting and pills are bad for me. That I should know better or I’m hurting people because of what I’m doing. I stopped because I was given the choice to stop. Because I saw a different option. That death wasn’t the only option. I saw God’s love in people. I saw that I was worthy to be loved. Worthy to be alive. And through people, I drew closer to God and learned my identity in Him. He chose me, and in turn, I chose Him. Choice means freedom. That’s why you are free to choose whether you will agree with me concerning the next post. I’m not here to force my opinion on anyone. That’s not what I do. I’m here to simply love people the way Christ loves them.

Love and Blessings 

Milanie xx


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