Death of the unborn Part 2

I was sixteen years old. Sixteen or seventeen when I first saw what abortion fully entailed. I knew what was happening. My parents never made a secret of it. We talked openly about controversial topics.I was fully aware what was happening around the world.

But once, I saw a program on it. Another time a video. Explaining exactly what was happening inside those clinics. It was a baby. A human. A living thing. It’s a living thing the moment the sperm enters the egg. So no, I’m not pro- whatever they call it these days when people dehumanize a baby and call it a fetus. It’s not a fetus. It’s a human. The same way slaves were dehumanized to make it seem okay. Or Jews and various other people were dehumanized when mass mass murder took place. That’s what is happening today. Abortion clinics dehumanize babies, to make it easier.  I don’t believe abortion is about removing a fetus. It’s about taking the life of a living thing inside of a person.

I read somewhere that, this is what terrorists and assassins do as well. They start seeing people as mere things, and no longer as people. Soldiers start seeing people as targets, to be able to cope with what they’re doing.
It’s safe to say, after that, I didn’t sleep for months.

I recently read an article about Christians wanting to ban abortion clinics. There are a lot of things I don’t agree with, but this one I disagree with the most. Now before people jump on their high horses to crucify me, please just hear me out.

I fully believe abortion is wrong. I will never ever condone it. But banning abortion clinics? Shaming women who go to abortion clinics? I don’t agree with either of them. I once read an article about Christians protesting in front of an abortion clinic and attacking women as they were about to enter it. I cried. Cause that’s not the heart of the Father. That’s darkness taking over.

Abortion is murder. I fully agree. But I also believe, trying to make abortion illegal is not the way to go. But harassing people in front of clinics, shaming them, killing doctors, vandalizing these clinics…this won’t lower the abortion rates one bit. 

What will is comprehensive sex education. Accessible birth control. Better health care. Paid maternity leave etc. What will is people getting the full revelation that abortion isn’t the best way to go and that there are other options out there. That they are not alone. They are loved. And they are supported.

Alright, so people are trying to make abortion illegal. I totally understand where they’re coming from.  It’s a level of darkness that can’t even be fully explained. Well, the day there are no more abortion clinics, the spirit world will celebrate. But here’s why I believe trying to ban it and make it illegal is not the way to go.

Rape is a crime. It still happens. More than some people would care to admit. Murder is illegal. It still happens every single day. Just the other day three people were set allight in one of our townships here in South Africa. Human Trafficking. Illegal. Still takes place. Drugs. Illegal. Still happens. Brothels. Guess what, still happens. Witchcraft, illegal in certain countries. Still happens. Immigrants without valid documentation. Considered illegal. Still taking place. Making something illegal or banning it won’t solve the problem. Reaching the root of it, the heart of the problem, will. And the root of it is the darkness trying to infiltrate the natural and disrupt the Kingdom of God.

Love and Blessings

Milanie xx


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