Seeing the unseen

“Set your mind on things that are unseen.” This has been resonating with me a lot lately. With the stress that has been coating the whole venture of going to Bethel, more and more I’ve found myself going back to that. “Set your mind on things that are unseen.”
Col 3:2 – Stay focused on what’s above and not on earthly things, because your old life is dead and gone. Your new life is now hidden, enmeshed with the Anointed who is in God

Set your heart on things above. And set your mind on the unseen. Faith connects to what God said and transfers it to the situation. You attract angelic activity by what you talk about. When you speak life, life draws closer to you. And when you speak death, it’s attracted to you. Your words activate your provision and miracles.

You are the Voice of His Word. It carries the fragrance of the Throne room. The demmonic world is attracted to the decay of the heart. When there’s “decay,” it gives off a signal and you end up walking in agreement with the devil. Instead of walking in agreement with God.

Mark 6:30-45

Spiritual experiences are food that fuel you. Jesus showed the disciples “How” to do it. The disciples were obedient, got the miracle and they were thankful. But their hearts were hard because it didn’t get them to see through the experience.

What did they miss? Food multiplied by their hands. They were part of the miracle. Jesus commissioned THEM to feed the people. He just blessed it. And they missed it.

Luke 2 says Nothing will be impossible with God

In the commission is the capacity to do the impossible. 

There’s a difference between praying to get an answer and praying to become an answer. I believe it’s time to start praying for things that deepen intimacy. Not spend time requesting the same things over and over. God knows what we need. Instead, just start talking to Him. Not begging. When you constantly beg and complain, it feeds your anxiety because you’re more focused on your issues than His promises.

Mark 8:13-21 

Basically to summarize, the disciples are on the boat, and they had forgotten to buy provisions, so they started getting worried. Jesus turns to them and says “Beware of the yeast of the Pharisees and leaven of Herod.

Now this what that means. Herod leaven, is the political mindset. “God helps those who helps themselves.” Then there’s the Pharisees leaven. “We don’t have because God is trying to teach us something.” And lastly, there’s the Leaven of the Kingdom. The one that gives, even if you don’t deserve it. 

These three systems are fighting for your mind. Political and Religious are dominated by the fear of man. The Kingdom of God contains no fear. Any Reasoning starting with the line of “What I don’t have.” Is illegal. We need to Learn to see from our History with God. See through miracles to reproduce them in the future.

Basically what Jesus was asking them was to carry the burning effect of the previous miracle to the way they see their current situation. Disciples saw human recourses instead of the Kingdom’s resource. When you say, “I just don’t see,” it cancels out what you see. 

The question is, “Do you  remember?” When we remember, we carry the seed of miracle into our current situation.

Joshua 24:31

For so long, people lived righteously as long as elders remembered the works of God. They carry it in their DNA, the ability to live a Supernatural life.

Can you see? If you can’t see, Can you hear? If you can’t hear, Can you remember? Start writing down testimonies. Review them. Record them and start remembering them.

We live in a kingdom with unlimited resources. Herod leaven says, “You have no bread because you didn’t bring any.” The Pharisees leaven says, “God placed you in a boat without bread for a reason.”

Prov 25:2

God receives more glory by not speaking clearly. He takes the truth and hides it in stories. When He gives revelation, He gives responsibility and accountability. He hides things for us, not from us. There’s capacity of discovery and the adventure behind it. He likes to draw us in by hiding things. And we have access to finding these things. 

When we begin to see the unseen, we bring the resources of the Supernatural, into the natural.

Love and Blessings

Milanie xx


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