45 days to go

45 days to go. Now it’s getting scary to be honest. As some may know, I’m moving to Redding, Ca to go to Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. A Bible School in California. This has been a dream of mine for many years, and I was always too scared to apply. Then this year, God told me in 2017 I was going to Bethel. So, I appplied and got accepted. 
When I was 15, I didn’t think I’d make itto 18. When I was 18 I didn’t know what the next few years would hold for me. Those next few years came, and it’s the biggest blessing to say that God completely rattled my world permanently. I was still 16, when I had an encounter with Him and He called me to Salvador, Bahia, Brazil for full time ministry in the the area of gangsterism. Soon after, He called me to Bethel, as a stepping stone to destiny. To build a stronger foundation than I already had. He spoke a lot to me thereafter, concerning just loving people for a living.  How my passion for writing and photography would influence people. How my voice would infiltrate hearts and minds. My pastor called out the greatness in me. He saw the anointing of Kathryn Khulman on my life. Many people saw many things. I have a whole book of prophesies. I record all God’s promises. To be honest, God has spoken a lot of things over my life, and although I haven’t seen many of it come to pass yet. I know it will. Soon. Cause in this moment of time, He has opened my eyes to the realization that I have influence in people’s lives. Something I had never noticed. That what I think and say to people matters to them. I would have never imagined that. God has brought me out of a place of complete darkness to being a beacon of light. I gave my heart to Jesus at six and was quite radical for him. I was often caught up in visions and believed in the Supernatural fully although I was never exposed to it. I just believed that if certain things could happen in Fairytales, God could do that, and more. Then things went downhill.

I was bullied and sexually harassed in school, and got pulled out to be homeschooled. Which led to six years of depression, multiple suicide attempts, self harm, addiction, run ins with the wrong crowds, sexually assaulted, and a deterioration of my health for nearly 2 years until God miraculously healed me last year. I was body shamed and slut shamed for most of my life. I made bad choices in my life, searching for approval and my identity in people, instead of Christ. But then, I came face to face with the love of my Creator. After that encounter with God,  3 and a half years ago, in March 2015, I gave my life to Him and my life changed forever.
God saw the beauty in me and He called out the greatness in me. 2017 has been a year of yielding myself fully to God. Of placing friendships, relationships and heart’s desires in His hands. It has been one of the most difficult times of my life, giving up everything that I am to God, and Trusting Him with absolutely everything. It’s been terrifying but through love, friendship and obedience, I’ve come to draw closer to His heart more than I ever have before. I’ve started to feel His presence around me and hear Him speak more clearly. I’ve started to see myself the way He sees me and not only did I come to learn my identity in Christ, but I started believing it as well. He has brought me to unimaginable places and showed me visions of my future that are mind boggling and I know for a fact that, as amazing life may seem right now,  the best is yet to come. I came to the realization the amount of power and authority Father God gave to me. That when I speak, bones move to their rightful place. Blind eyes open. Bent backs straighten. Arthritis disappears. Finances manifest. Pain vanishes. Crushed knees are restored. 
I will always hold that verse close to my heart, “These signs you will do, and even more.”
I ask from the bottom of my heart, that if you feel led to partnership with me and help me get to Bible School, you would donate to the following links. Right now, I need to pay my $400 Sevis and Visa fee, and the $3975 tuition cost that needs to be in before Aug. Any amount no matter how small, would help a lot. 

or paypal account: paypal.me/MilanieCronje

Love and Blessings

Milanie xx


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