Seeing the unseen

“Set your mind on things that are unseen.” This has been resonating with me a lot lately. With the stress that has been coating the whole venture of going to Bethel, more and more I’ve found myself going back to that. “Set your mind on things that are unseen.”
Col 3:2 – Stay focused on what’s above and not on earthly things, because your old life is dead and gone. Your new life is now hidden, enmeshed with the Anointed who is in God

Set your heart on things above. And set your mind on the unseen. Faith connects to what God said and transfers it to the situation. You attract angelic activity by what you talk about. When you speak life, life draws closer to you. And when you speak death, it’s attracted to you. Your words activate your provision and miracles.

You are the Voice of His Word. It carries the fragrance of the Throne room. The demmonic world is attracted to the decay of the heart. When there’s “decay,” it gives off a signal and you end up walking in agreement with the devil. Instead of walking in agreement with God.

Mark 6:30-45

Spiritual experiences are food that fuel you. Jesus showed the disciples “How” to do it. The disciples were obedient, got the miracle and they were thankful. But their hearts were hard because it didn’t get them to see through the experience.

What did they miss? Food multiplied by their hands. They were part of the miracle. Jesus commissioned THEM to feed the people. He just blessed it. And they missed it.

Luke 2 says Nothing will be impossible with God

In the commission is the capacity to do the impossible. 

There’s a difference between praying to get an answer and praying to become an answer. I believe it’s time to start praying for things that deepen intimacy. Not spend time requesting the same things over and over. God knows what we need. Instead, just start talking to Him. Not begging. When you constantly beg and complain, it feeds your anxiety because you’re more focused on your issues than His promises.

Mark 8:13-21 

Basically to summarize, the disciples are on the boat, and they had forgotten to buy provisions, so they started getting worried. Jesus turns to them and says “Beware of the yeast of the Pharisees and leaven of Herod.

Now this what that means. Herod leaven, is the political mindset. “God helps those who helps themselves.” Then there’s the Pharisees leaven. “We don’t have because God is trying to teach us something.” And lastly, there’s the Leaven of the Kingdom. The one that gives, even if you don’t deserve it. 

These three systems are fighting for your mind. Political and Religious are dominated by the fear of man. The Kingdom of God contains no fear. Any Reasoning starting with the line of “What I don’t have.” Is illegal. We need to Learn to see from our History with God. See through miracles to reproduce them in the future.

Basically what Jesus was asking them was to carry the burning effect of the previous miracle to the way they see their current situation. Disciples saw human recourses instead of the Kingdom’s resource. When you say, “I just don’t see,” it cancels out what you see. 

The question is, “Do you  remember?” When we remember, we carry the seed of miracle into our current situation.

Joshua 24:31

For so long, people lived righteously as long as elders remembered the works of God. They carry it in their DNA, the ability to live a Supernatural life.

Can you see? If you can’t see, Can you hear? If you can’t hear, Can you remember? Start writing down testimonies. Review them. Record them and start remembering them.

We live in a kingdom with unlimited resources. Herod leaven says, “You have no bread because you didn’t bring any.” The Pharisees leaven says, “God placed you in a boat without bread for a reason.”

Prov 25:2

God receives more glory by not speaking clearly. He takes the truth and hides it in stories. When He gives revelation, He gives responsibility and accountability. He hides things for us, not from us. There’s capacity of discovery and the adventure behind it. He likes to draw us in by hiding things. And we have access to finding these things. 

When we begin to see the unseen, we bring the resources of the Supernatural, into the natural.

Love and Blessings

Milanie xx

Death of the unborn Part 3

God doesn’t force Himself onto anyone. I can’t say it enough. He always gives people a choice. He gave Adam and Eve a choice. They chose wrong. He gave Noah a choice. The man could either choose God, or the world. He could choose to build an ark or choose not to. Moses. He could choose to stand up, or choose to be silent. God always gave people a choice because He loves the fact that we have free will and a brain. But, He wants us to choose according to the desires of His heart and the love He shows for us. He wants us to choose according to the knowledge that we are His and He is ours. He wants us to choose because we love Him and we want His Will to take place in our lives. He doesn’t force us to choose a side. He gives us extensive information, Love, Word, and shows us WHO HE IS, so we can make that decision for ourselves. 

But because we are God’s creation, His most prized possession, His inheritance… The devil will try to influence our choices. That’s why the mind is a battlefield. The devil will try to influence your thinking to a point where you don’t choose God but choose something else. He attacks you because he knows how valuable you are.

It’s not about removing a choice option, but living a Supernatural Lifestyle so that in the end, the option will still be there, but people won’t choose it. Because the truth has been revealed to them and they’ve Encountered the love of the Father. The Truth sets people free. It’s about starting to set an example of what the Supernatural Christian Lifestyle Is supposed to look like. What is supposed to be like. 
Freedom of choice is important. But it’s to choose right that makes all the differences. People choose not to get drunk. Not to cheat. Not to use drugs. Not to cross busy roads. But for some reason we can’t trust them with decisions bigger that this. 

Ban abortion clinics and what will happen? Desperation will occur to a point where under the table abortion practices will take place in homes and alleyways. I’m not surprised if they already do.

I will always fight for the lives of unborn children. But I will not fight in the way the world expects from me. I will not fight dirty. I will not bring shame. I will still honour those men and women.  I may not agree with what they believe or do, but I will honour them. That is what the Culture of Honour entails. As Kris Vallotton says “Treating someone with honour – even if they refuse it – demonstrates that we have a standard that isn’t determined by people around us. We don’t just honour people because they are honourable, but also because we are honourable. Honour is a condition of the heart, not just the product of a good environment. Honour doesn’t mean we agree with the people we’re honouring; it simply means we value them as people who have been created in the image of God.”

Abortion is a tactic used by the devil to disrupt the order of God’s Kingdom. And though I may not approve or agree with the doctors who do these practices, I will still honour them because “we should fight our enemy with honour. Not because they deserve it but because we do.” – Kris V.

I’m not here to change the minds of people. That’s not my job. I’m not here to convince how bad abortion is or how lives matter. This is a matter of the heart, and God will work in the hearts of those and reveal to them His love and truth. My role as a child of God, is not to go shame those who think this may be the only option, but instead to live the Supernatural Lifestyle and love them as Christ loves them. Because the price Jesus paid on the Cross determines the value of the people he bought. And every single one is valuable to Him. Even those who aren’t born yet.

Banning abortion clinics doesn’t equal shaming it. Please don’t get me wrong. Shame is when you see people with signs in front of those clinics yelling insults and trying to prevent people from entering the clinics. Banning clinics means that a choice is taken away. It means that teenagers get scared and decide to take their lives because they don’t know what else to do. Not everyone considers adoption to be honest. Banning abortion means girls who got pregnant after being raped are either forced to have the child, take their own life, or eventually give up the child. Banning abortion means girls getting kicked out of their homes because they have brought “shame” to their parents.

So here’s the thing trust me when I say this out of a place of prayer. A spiritual warfare is taking place and invading the natural. And that’s what you see here. If we were to take authority over these places. Start declaring and praying over these places, the same way Todd, and Heidie, and Bill and Kris and many people from the Bible have taken authority, wouldn’t it be incredible to come to the point where abortion facilities start closing down by themselves. Some have already. You just don’t hear about it. That the people running it, will start realizing what they’re doing instead of trying to fight them. One of my favourite stories is about Bill Johnson. Chapter 5 in the book When Heaven invades earth. 

A carnival was taking place in Redding and a fortune teller was trying to get in on the celebration. The devil sent her to impart the gift of demon possession to the citizens of the city. The church began to pray.

Bill would walk around her tent and began declaring, “You don’t exist in heaven; you are not to exist here. This is my town. You are here illegally. I forbid you to establish roots here! God has declared that wherever the soles of my feet tread, God has given to me. I bind you to the Word of God that declares that I have authority over you. Be gone!” Nothing fell in the natural. Bill didn’t speak these things to the woman. She was not his enemy, nor was she the problem. The Kingdom of darkness that empowered her was his target. 

Habakkuk 3:2-4

She left the town the next morning. The power that influenced her had been broken. 

Exod 23:28.

I believe we as Children of Royalty need to take up the power of authority God gave us and “Speak to this Mountain.” We constantly get stuck seeing the physical manifestation of darkness when it’s so much more than that. Abortion clinics aren’t the problem.  Doctors who do procedures aren’t the problem. It’s the root of darkness that’s the problem.
Abortion is already illegal in the Spiritual World. It doesn’t exist there. So, Let Your Kingdom Come. Let Your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Let Heaven invade earth. Through the power God has given to us by declaring into existence what is not yet seen. 

Jesus healed the man’s ear who was about to kill Him. Not an unborn child. But Him. He showed him love. And compassion. And honour. I don’t believe for a second that, that man’s life was the same ever again after that incident. I don’t buy it for a second. Jesus set an example for us how to treat our enemies. With love, honour, power and authority. 

No, I’m not suggesting we should just stand back and watch on as abortion clinics invade the Kingdom of God. What I’m saying is God is in charge but we are in control. He gave us full dominion on this earth. God can only manifest what we declare. I believe it’s time to rise up as Rulers of the Kingdom of God and start changing our Words to come into alignment with what God says. To stop belittling ourselves annd step into the Powerful Rulers God created us to be. We’re greater than the devil. We have more authority than the devil. It’s time to start acting like it.

Love and Blessings

Milanie xx

Death of the unborn Part 2

I was sixteen years old. Sixteen or seventeen when I first saw what abortion fully entailed. I knew what was happening. My parents never made a secret of it. We talked openly about controversial topics.I was fully aware what was happening around the world.

But once, I saw a program on it. Another time a video. Explaining exactly what was happening inside those clinics. It was a baby. A human. A living thing. It’s a living thing the moment the sperm enters the egg. So no, I’m not pro- whatever they call it these days when people dehumanize a baby and call it a fetus. It’s not a fetus. It’s a human. The same way slaves were dehumanized to make it seem okay. Or Jews and various other people were dehumanized when mass mass murder took place. That’s what is happening today. Abortion clinics dehumanize babies, to make it easier.  I don’t believe abortion is about removing a fetus. It’s about taking the life of a living thing inside of a person.

I read somewhere that, this is what terrorists and assassins do as well. They start seeing people as mere things, and no longer as people. Soldiers start seeing people as targets, to be able to cope with what they’re doing.
It’s safe to say, after that, I didn’t sleep for months.

I recently read an article about Christians wanting to ban abortion clinics. There are a lot of things I don’t agree with, but this one I disagree with the most. Now before people jump on their high horses to crucify me, please just hear me out.

I fully believe abortion is wrong. I will never ever condone it. But banning abortion clinics? Shaming women who go to abortion clinics? I don’t agree with either of them. I once read an article about Christians protesting in front of an abortion clinic and attacking women as they were about to enter it. I cried. Cause that’s not the heart of the Father. That’s darkness taking over.

Abortion is murder. I fully agree. But I also believe, trying to make abortion illegal is not the way to go. But harassing people in front of clinics, shaming them, killing doctors, vandalizing these clinics…this won’t lower the abortion rates one bit. 

What will is comprehensive sex education. Accessible birth control. Better health care. Paid maternity leave etc. What will is people getting the full revelation that abortion isn’t the best way to go and that there are other options out there. That they are not alone. They are loved. And they are supported.

Alright, so people are trying to make abortion illegal. I totally understand where they’re coming from.  It’s a level of darkness that can’t even be fully explained. Well, the day there are no more abortion clinics, the spirit world will celebrate. But here’s why I believe trying to ban it and make it illegal is not the way to go.

Rape is a crime. It still happens. More than some people would care to admit. Murder is illegal. It still happens every single day. Just the other day three people were set allight in one of our townships here in South Africa. Human Trafficking. Illegal. Still takes place. Drugs. Illegal. Still happens. Brothels. Guess what, still happens. Witchcraft, illegal in certain countries. Still happens. Immigrants without valid documentation. Considered illegal. Still taking place. Making something illegal or banning it won’t solve the problem. Reaching the root of it, the heart of the problem, will. And the root of it is the darkness trying to infiltrate the natural and disrupt the Kingdom of God.

Love and Blessings

Milanie xx

Death of the unborn Part 1

Recently I wrote a post about abortion that God revealed to me. I tend to hear Him the clearest when I’m writing. What followed was quite a bit of backlash on various platforms. Those who know my heart supported it, others, others I could have mature discussions with why I thought what I did, but some, well it didn’t go down so well. It was a little overwhelming, so I took the post down although I knew I shouldn’t. There was a reason I wrote what I did.  So after prayer and careful consideration, I have decided to put it back up. This time, in a different light and more in depth. 

I’m not one for controversy. Or conflict. I prefer just loving people and taking authority over situations. I don’t know why God placed this on my heart. I wish He didn’t. But I know it needs to be said. It will be split up into three posts, to fully summarize where I’m coming from. 

Conviction is different for many people. Some people in the world find it okay to dress provocatively. Others know their their Identity in Christ, and have been convicted not to dress a certain way. Some find tattoos okay. Others don’t. Some think it’s okay to drink occasionally. Others don’t. It’s all personal convictions.

What is not okay is forcing your conviction on someone else who hasn’t had the same revelation yet. We can’t go around telling people what they should or shouldn’t be feeling. 

Humans tend to force their viewpoint on other’s in hopes to change their minds. But that’s not God’s way of doing things. He doesn’t force Himself onto anyone. He is the pure definition of love. So why? Why do we force our will on other people?

There was a girl I knew quite well. She slept around often, was labelled as a slut by various people, and smoked a lot of joints. People often told her how bad of a person she was. How much she was screwing up etc. I really loved that girl, cause I started seeing her the way God did and not for the things she was doing/saying. But something I noticed was this, her behaviour never changed, although she had a choice to, because people kept painting a picture of her and she focused on that. Her behaviour followed.

For many, things like this makes people uncomfortable. Allowing others to make choices for themselves concerning heavy situations. Like sex. Race. Abortion. It’s time to get out of our comfort zones. God didn’t create us to live in our comfort zones. He gave us the Holy Spirit – the Comfort – because He knew we would be uncomfortable in stepping out into the Supernatural Lifestyle of Christianity. And one of the main things the Supernatural Lifestyle demands is to love. 

Instead of transferring your own personal conviction on someone, try a different approach. I promise you’ll get further. Go love them. Show God’s love to them.  Start seeing them the way Christ does. Pray for them. Intercede for them. Take authority over the situation and declare freedom over the person’s life. Call out their greatness. Eventually they will receive freedom. How? They will start seeing their worth and identity in Christ and realize the love God has for them. When the heart and mind changes, so does the behaviour. 

They won’t magically realize it by people shoving down their throats how bad they are. No. If people constantly hear they’re a screw up, they will make that label their identity.

I didn’t stop self harming because someone told me cutting and pills are bad for me. That I should know better or I’m hurting people because of what I’m doing. I stopped because I was given the choice to stop. Because I saw a different option. That death wasn’t the only option. I saw God’s love in people. I saw that I was worthy to be loved. Worthy to be alive. And through people, I drew closer to God and learned my identity in Him. He chose me, and in turn, I chose Him. Choice means freedom. That’s why you are free to choose whether you will agree with me concerning the next post. I’m not here to force my opinion on anyone. That’s not what I do. I’m here to simply love people the way Christ loves them.

Love and Blessings 

Milanie xx

A New Name

There’s quite a story behind my name that has slowly been revealed to me. Believe it or not, my name wasn’t always Milanie. 
The story begins before I was born, when God called me by my name Milanie. Things happened, there were certain misconceptions, minsunderstandings, and miscommunication and in the end I received a different name. Growing up, I always felt uncomfortable with the name I had gotten. It wasn’t my own. I knew it wasn’t. But I didn’t understand why not. I mean after all, it was the name I was born with. The name given to me by my parents. Why did it feel like I didn’t belong to it?

I despised the very essence when someone called me by that because I knew it wasn’t my own. It felt strange and distant. More like a label than a name. With not being able to fully own my name, I believe a lot of my identity problems rooted from it. Because I didn’t know who I was. And I didn’t know what my name was. 

Around four years ago, God restored my name to me. The one He bestowed on me before birth. 

He revealed it to me and finally I knew, this was my name. It has always been my name. He called me by my name. It placed new meaning on my life and that verse. I claimed it, took on the prophetic meaning, and my entire life changed.
My family didn’t receive this revelation well. They could never understand what was my problem with my name and why I was so uncomfortable with it. A lot of it had to do with fear and not fully understanding the power behind the name. They believed their was a certain dark meaning behind a version of the spelling of the name I took on, and they didn’t want that. It was after all, the first name choice before I was born. But then they decided against it, after seeing the meaning. But I was called to a different standard. A different version of that name. A different pronunciation. A different meaning. One that would call me into my full Destiny.

It was an argument that lasted for many years. I wanted to change my name legally. My family was completely against it. I carried immense guilt about God bestowing my original name on me. I felt like I was betraying my family. And hurting them. I had come to realize that they would need to receive the revelation on their own and nothing I can do or say would change the situation. God would need to work in their hearts.

And He did. 

I prayed about it often. That they would see the truth and what this actually means. While my mother was away for two weeks, God started revealing this revelation to her. My purpose and destiny and the power my name – the name God placed on my life- carried. The name that was originally meant for me, but in a course of events never given to me. 

While she was away, I wrote the post about my name meaning. When God gave me this name, it held immense power in it as well as a declaration over my life. The spelling isn’t very common, neither is the pronunciation, since it gets mistaken for “Melanie” or “Melany” often. But the meanings are world’s apart.

The name Milanie is from Hawaiian, Slavonic and Polynesian descent. It means “Gentle Carress; Grace; Favour. Bringer of Light. Treasured. Cherished.”

The two letters “Mi” in my name means – Honey overflowed and beautiful.

The second part of my name, “Lanie” and also my nickname, means – Sky, Heaven, Royal and Majesty.

When someone says my full name, they’re speaking Grace, Favour, Heaven and Royalty over my life. 

My family originally didn’t wanna give me this name, because there’s one similar to it that means “darkness.” They only knew about that version. Not the best meaning. But God worked in their hearts, and revealed the true revelation and His heart to them. 

She came back and like she always does, she reads all my posts. Tonight she comes to me and she shares with me what God has been saying concerning my name. That she now understands why I fought for my name and how it holds power and destiny in it. How it will influence my future and my dreams. And then she says the words I’ve been praying for, for so many years. She accepts it. And she approves of it. And I have her blessing to change my name legally. 

No words can describe the weight that was lifted off my shoulders. The guilt I’ve been carrying vanished. And the peace that just consumed me. Hearing her say that, was a prophetic declaration of my identity. For so long, I never changed it legally because I knew it would come out of a place of rebellion and it would hurt them too much. I decided to wait until the day God spoke to them and showed them the truth.

I wanted to cry. After she left, I did. Tears of joy. I had accepted who I am in Christ. And my name was accepted as well. And now, the people who meant the most to me saw my potential as well and accepted the call God placed on my life.

It’s not to say the rest of the family will understand this revelation. It doesn’t really matter to me. What matters is, God’s will has been established in the lives of my family. And I’m eternally greatful for it, because truly, this has brought us closer.

Love and Blessings

Milanie xx

Self-depreciation is not humility

I have a story to tell and I might be a lil crucified for it but okay. In the past nineteen years of being alive, there have been times where I have absolutely hated myself. Comparison was my best friend, addiction was my partner, depression kept me company, and suicide romanced me. It’s sickening to think of it now. I grew up in a world where it was wrong to love yourself. I started feeling guilty for even thinking for a moment that I looked good in a certain pair of jeans or that perhaps I actually looked pretty in a dress. No, these thoughts were wrong. How dare I think such a thing. I was told that people were created to hate themselves. That after all is called humility. To think you’re a piece of shit is humility. It didn’t make sense. As far as I knew, God doesn’t make crap. So if we’re “crap” and think of ourselves as such, how is that taking on the mindset of Christ, and how is it then possible for God to love us?

I always tend to quote Kris V on this. “Not only is God Himself the one who painted us, so to speak, but Jesus was the one who sat in the chair and modeled for the masterpiece. We didn’t create ourselves. God created us. We are the work of His hands. When we tear ourselves down, we aren’t being humble. We’re being stupid…there is a lie still alive and well in the minds of many Christians, a lie that strategically keeps us from walking in the fullness of our identity in Christ. This lie tells us that any recognition of our strength or goodness is pride, and that the only way to deal with pride is to demean ourselves, which is humility. The truth is that neither pride to recognize our strengths nor humility to demean them. This kind of false humility keeps the saints in darkness and results us in never stepping into our destinies. By telling us that humility means convincing ourselves we are nobodies, many Christian leaders have sold God’s people into theological slavery. This belief system has not cured pride but has worked to destroy the confidence of God’s people. True humility is not the absence of confidence but strength restrained. The only way we can truly be humble is to have an honest assessment of ourselves before God.”

2017 has been an interesting year to say the least because in my nineteen years of being alive, this has been the first year where I have come to be comfortable in my skin and learn to love myself as a raw, vulnerable being. When I have nothing to hide my face or cover my soul. Where I have stopped allowing men to treat me like garbage. Where I have cut people out of my life the minute they treat me a certain way that is not acceptable. Where I have stopped subduing my personality because I was afraid people would think I’m too much. All in all, I just stopped hiding and started seeing myself for who I am and How God sees me.  

I still struggle with comparison sometimes. Okay a lot. I see these girls and for a moment you forget about your own beauty and only focus on theirs. I still struggle with compliments and believing someone when they say they love me. Some days I wake up and I feel like the worst human being on earth. But through that, it never lasts too long. Cause God kinda gave me a reality check this one time after an incident I had. Whenever I got compliments, I used to shy away and say thank you softly. It embarrassed me and made me awkward. After reading an interesting post, I decided to take a different approach to things.

Right so this is how it plays out. I’m walking down the street heading to the store, when this one guy approaches me. He gives me a bunch of cheesy compliments and whatnot, and instead of shying away from it as usual, I look him straight in the eye, and say, “Thank you, my Creator thinks I’m pretty great as well.” (It was really difficult not to laugh). He immediately backtracked saying I’m an arrogant bitch and need to climb off my pedestal and this is how one guy made my day. This incident was amusing.

The world has brought complete and utter shame to knowing who you are, loving yourself, and believing your identity in Christ. The world frowns upon it because they believe humility is bringing yourself down and constantly self-depreciating. No. God love us. And the Word says love others as you love yourself. If you don’t love yourself for the way God created you, you won’t be able to love others. A lot of people think Christians are becoming more arrogant. In truth, more Christians are just beginning to realize who they are created to be. Who their Creator is. And where their identity is. Knowing you are created as Royalty is not arrogant. It’s losing the Pauper mentality and taking on Christ’s mentality.

Love and Blessings 

Milanie xx

It’s in the waiting

I’m a fairly impatient person. There’s no shame in admitting it, because I know I am and I know it’s an area in my life I need to work on. In Ephesians it says Love is patient, and if we don’t have patience, we’re unable to demonstrate love to the world, because love isn’t impatient. It’s patient. And kind. 

Something I have come to learn is, God tends to work on a person’s heart during the waiting period. It’s during this time where you start to learn, you start to grow, you start to take form and become the person you’re meant to be so that when the waiting period is over, you can step up and step into what God has been preparing for you. 

Jacob had to wait 7 years for Rachel. But instead of getting Rachel, he got Leah. Then he has to wait even more to get her. And Rachel, she had to wait so many years, until she could be with him. And although the Bible only writes from Jacob’s perspective it says that though it was many years of hard work, it felt like only a couple of days because of his immense love for her. That’s quite beautiful. 

Adam had to wait for Eve. 

Moses had to wait for the time where God led him to free His people. Moses couldn’t just stand up and decide now’s the time. No, he had to wait on God’s voice. God was working on his heart, preparing him for the day that would come.

Hannah had to wait, before she had Samuel. 

David had to wait before he could become King. Although annointed young, he had to wait on God’s time. God helped him grow, through the battles of a bear, and a lion and Goliath, he was stepping up to be the man God wanted him to be. He could have taken over the throne immediately if he wanted to. Kill Saul and take to the throne. But he would have become king with a pauper mentality. God had to work on him first, changed his thinking and show him his identity in Him, before he could rule a nation.

We always think the destination is the most important. The country. The career. The mission. The relationship. But it’s during that build-up where the real change happens. It’s those minutes before a football match where the spectators are working themselves up, the commentators become excited, the players are warming up, it’s in those moments where the beauty takes place. Because that’s when you see the progress that has been made.

It’s in the waiting, that God hears you, and God speaks.

Love and Blessings

Milanie xx